Careful backpack attracted seven health hazards

Each female will have one out of the essential items, and that is the bag. The bags can be fitted out something, the more important it can be for women with extra points. However, regardless of what kind of bag, back-, shoulder-, hand-, if the back was wrong, and that certain female health hazards.
1. Spine bend
Kyphosis, scoliosis, lumbar disc herniation, spinal arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, backpack too heavy to blame.
You back in your left shoulder for a 5 kg package, it the spine muscles on the right side is necessary to produce 15-20 kilograms of force, in order to maintain body balance, this muscle tissue force imbalance will stretch the spine caused by bending, cause strain, inflammation.
In addition, too much of the package will lead to disc degeneration, drooping, nerve compression; also lead to sciatica.
2 neck muscle strain
Carrying a bag, the most direct victims of the neck at the mention of the scapular muscles. Backpack, the human need to cook mentioning the shoulder of action to resist the fall of the backpack, trapezius and scapular scapular Ministry of levator muscle co-contraction, plus package with Crimping trapezius, too long, or load overweight prone strain, caused by ischemia, pain.
Low back muscle tension.
The human body is like a pair of scales, which side weight-bearing spine will be bent toward which side would tense for the balance of the spine, the muscles of the other side, resulting in tight muscles on one side loose side. Down for a long, tense muscles may be some aseptic inflammation, such as muscle strain, also appears spinal facet joint dislocation and other illnesses. If you are a big bag fans, over many years, unilateral force caused by spinal mechanics change may cause scoliosis.
Neck ache, shoulder pain
Back sitting in front of the computer for a long time and a large bag, often it is neck and back pain, shoulder hand numbness, weakness most prominent symptoms crowd backpack too heavy will make neck unconsciously inclined to one side, while the muscles stretching, side crunch, so It is likely to cause pain.
Second, heavy backpack but also shoulder muscles such as the trapezius and scapular muscle have long been oppressed, chronic injury may occur.
5 level of the shoulder
Back shoulder large bag, because unilateral shoulder to bear a larger gravity, the neck will not consciously put up, in order to prevent the taping decline this lift may be more severe. If you often used for a long time on one side of the shoulder, the level of the shoulder will cause unsightly.
6. Arms Ma
Many women prefer big, heavy package thrown over the arm, housewives also like to buy food will be packed to the brim canvas bag hand carrying or holding a long time, sore numb arm or wrist easily .
Experts advise: the wrist is in the same position for a long time, or excessive use of brawn lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue damage due to repeated.
7 hips thigh joint strain
A lot of people carrying a few pounds heavier package long walk, a significant negative is the the knee wear a high-risk factors. The heavier the backpack, the greater the pressure on the knee, prone to joint problems, eventually leading to arthritis.

Long-term harmful to health you wear rings

The many perennial wearing rings, and even sleeping, bathing, doing housework also true. In fact, in addition to be ring itself cause some damage, but also damage health.
Wearing the ring for a long time will affect the finger blood circulation, poor blood returning finger mild edema, serious dark mark will appear. This situation particularly evident when waking up in the morning, Do not force took his ring, it should be about half an hour, puffy automatically disappear after take off. Should choose the ring to pick loose points Model, tight ring sets in your hand, it will affect the blood circulation of the finger. Over time, your fingers will become numb, acid swelling and pain. Before going to bed, it is best to ring down on the special jewelry box to avoid lost.
In addition, take a bath, wash your hair when they should take off. Or rings below the skin are difficult to clean, which will lead to a lot of bacteria breeding. In addition, shower gel, shampoo, etc., most are acidic or alkaline, they will corrode ring. Bath soap and other cleaning products, the skin will become smooth, easy ring off inadvertently lost.

Teeth seen that you have cancer

Enamel with cancer
The Wall Street Journal reported, a clinic in Manhattan and Pennsylvania Newtown Prosthodontics dentist George Jiwo, Horowitz said, in a 32-year professional career, he has approached tooth inner surface enamel corrosion according to the patient diagnosed seven cases of cancer and more cases of bulimia, also found that symptoms of methamphetamine addiction. He said, "We call it 'ice mouth' (Drugs addiction) teeth outer layer of a unique corrosion symptoms appear.
Some very special dental diseases, he added, stems from poorly controlled diabetes. "Transfer of gums and teeth look white and bright white bright, easy bleeding, tooth root loosening, and mouthful true."
It is estimated that about 600 million Americans with diabetes do not know it. A number of studies show that dentists can play a role in early warning.
Experts said, gum problems and high blood sugar not only from the same habits, but also between each other be worse. Infection of the gums inflammation, diabetes patients will be more difficult to control blood sugar levels, high blood sugar will increase tooth decay and gum problems, triggering more inflammation.
Periodontal disease caused by heart disease
In addition, more and more evidence that there is the necessary link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. Gingival inflammation will lead to an increase in C-reactive protein, and high C-reactive protein is considered to be a causative factor in heart disease.
New York University School of Dentistry caries and comprehensive care department head, said Mark Wolfe, researchers have found that the bacteria in plaque blocking the artery. Originally thought that it's just an accidental factors now found that it is actually pathogenic risk factors.
Oral bacteria may go through the blood circulation throughout the body and cause disease, which is why doctors would suggest to consider accepting patients with non-acute surgery oral problems that need to be addressed first to get rid.
The American Heart Association is no longer recommended suffering from mitral valve prolapse (heart valves ventricular systole is not properly closed) patients regularly taking antibiotics before oral disease is not cured, because the view now is that, in the teeth cleaned regularly, daily brushing and even in the process of chewing food, oral bacteria may at any time enter the blood circulation system of the human body.
Dentist can check HIV
The American Heart Association, the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons calls received total joint replacement surgery in the back every time to see the dentist should be an hour early to take an antibiotic to reduce the risk of postoperative infection.
Some dentists, they also need to keep abreast of the latest medication by patients. For example, anticoagulants can cause oral bleeding, commonly used in the treatment of osteoporosis, bisphosphonates can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw. During oral surgery, these two types of drugs must be suspended before taking.
Antihypertensive drugs, calcium channel blockers, and some anti-inflammatory drugs can cause the gums serious ulcers. Antidepressant, chemotherapy treatment medication can cause dry mouth, and who are able to protect the teeth decrease in saliva secretion, which may occur to a large area of ??tooth decay. In this case, can be reduced by adding fluoride due to dry mouth caused risk of tooth decay.
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that dentists provide HIV virus (HIV) testing, because some of the early symptoms of HIV infection occur in the oral cavity, including fungal infections and oral lesions. The dentist simply on the mouth with a cotton swab to wipe sampling censorship after 20 minutes to get the HIV test results.

The 4 habits taboo life shortened by 20 years of age

The bogey wake up and urinate
The morning after we wake up, it may be the bladder filled with urine, urgent urination, urinate more urgent, more tolerant, and not immediately get up to urinate. Bladder emptying cause dizziness, even micturition syncope.
Bogey woke immediately after strenuous exercise
Many people, after the early morning habits proper physical exercise, as long as attention, does have health benefits. However, the movement must take a break in the morning, before running balance to be yin and yang qi.
The bogey Love bed
More and more people now can not afford to love bed awake, especially holidays. Where Love bed can not afford the people will have this feeling: more sleep and love bed time, but they think the legs in heavy, apathetic, "the more sleep the more tired" and "the more sleep the more uncomfortable" feel the results every day than busy work or study as energetic. The Love Bed upset weekdays normal patterns of life so many biological clock wrong point in the body.
Avoid Skipping breakfast
According to nutrition expert analysis, breakfast is the most important meal of the day in the. After sleep the rest, the body is ready to fully prepare for a day of work, study, then the need to rich nutritional intake, to cope with the day's consumption.
The United States announced the top ten life shortened by bad habits
Compared easygoing man, "macho" men easier to choose a bad way of life, leading to premature death probability increases.
Love to eat popcorn
Popcorn butter flavor comes mainly from a chemical substance called diacetyl, if people are eating too much, you may cause serious lung disease.
Bust excessive
The bust is too large women than her life expectancy may be reduced by five years. The bust is too large to easily lead to joint pain, headache, obesity, and diabetes.
Early retirement
55-year-old retired crowd in the chance of death in 10 years, retired people over 65 years of age to increase to 89%. The researchers attributed to lack of exercise and lack of life goals.
Ignoring dental health
Infrequent flossing, will not only increase the dental dangerous, but also increases the chances of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and may lead to life shortened by six years.
Supplements of sleeping pills
Sleeping pills benzene nitrous barbituric acid and tranquilizers dangerous ingredients, patients often take sleeping pills premature death 4.6 times the danger is people do not eat sleeping pills.
For a long time watching TV
A study on the "sedentary behavior" nest too much time on the couch watching TV, may to PYLL 1 years and 5 months.
Up late
8 hours of sleep per night may be the risk of premature death than those who sleep 6-7 hours a day. Up late may lead to diabetes, headaches, depression and heart disease.
The car and the car for long periods
Long car drive pressure and lack of exercise may lead to waist lines and high blood pressure, and body mass index increased, leading to PYLL.
Red meat
A day to eat a crowd of more than 110 grams of red meat or processed meat (pork, beef, lamb, etc.) too early death may be increased by 30% probability. The meat will increase the chance of people suffering from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Brushing can not eliminate bad breath? May wish to try the four strokes

MSN JAPAN reported morning when oral day bacteria increased the fastest time, so a lot of people will get up after very obviously feel sticky dripping mouth, with obvious bad breath. There are a lot of people will be very confused: obviously has a good brushing, oral bacteria should have cleaned the Why or bad breath it so easy? Dental nurse here for you to support the recipe!
Prevent dry, keep your mouth moist
The decreased saliva increased dryness in the mouth, it is the best environment for bacterial growth in the mouth. Daily life, when we speak or eat, oral cavity by stimulation and secretion of saliva, but the sleep time, relatively dry mouth, so the bacteria multiply, causing the next morning bad breath. Want to prevention early morning bad breath, keep your mouth moist is critical.
Wearing masks to sleep
If someone open mouth breathing sleep easy sleep, then it may wear a mask to sleep, and this can prevent drying of the mouth and throat, a sore throat can also wear a mask to sleep.
Might as well put a humidifier in the bedroom
Autumn and winter, not only is easy to dry skin, the mouth is also very prone to dry conditions. Then you can put a humidifier in the bedroom to increase the humidity in the bedroom, even without a humidifier can also put a cup of water or wet towels at the bedside.
The ability to improve the oral secretion of saliva
Want to increase the humidity in the mouth, it is important to improve the ability of the oral secretion of saliva, oral salivation often chewing ability will be stronger, may wish to eat a few of chewing, or from time to time to chew some chewing gum is also good practice , but pay attention to the chewing gum chewing too much it will damage the teeth.
If the early morning halitosis condition has not improve, you need to consider for two reasons:
First, there may be oral diseases. Efforts have been made to prevent dry mouth is still bad breath, cavities or periodontal disease may need to consider, it is best to go to see the dentist, get the exact grounds of bad breath and symptomatic prevention and treatment.
Second, there may be a gastrointestinal disease. If the stomach is not good will have an impact on oral odor, gastrointestinal poor man, if long-term bad breath, take a look at the internal medicine, get advice from a doctor.
Of course, carefully brush your teeth every day, good oral hygiene is also very crucial step to prevention early morning bad breath, must not put the cart before the horse.

Rice vinegar drink only healthy?

Li told us, "vinegar cure all sore plot block, confidants pain disease water leukemia, kill the fish, meat, vegetables,, Ji Zhu insect poison gas ...... whichever sour intended, and there are stasis detoxification of power."
Rice vinegar is rich in basic amino acids, carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and inorganic salts, minerals, generally used when doing sour dishes, alcohol and acidity, slightly sweet, suitable for dip food or cooking.
Cooking, rice vinegar, both sterilization, detoxification, keep nutrients and accelerate the meat mature or Sulan; but also go Xingsao, oily solution; can reconcile with the gain Barilla, such as making the meat more Xianchun, so salty, sweet , the Sim, spicy, Ma Zhu taste tends harmonious, palatable. In health care, not only can Xingpi appetizer, increase appetite, promote saliva secretion and increase gastric acidity, promote the decomposition of fat, protein and starch, helps digestion and absorption, and medicine or blindly delicious!
Rice vinegar and topical, but also the treatment of burns, arthritis, underarm odor and ringworm; Oral expelling worms have a certain role in hypertension, hepatitis, colds, malaria, fire dysentery.
No wonder, the Northern and Southern Chinese medicine scientist Tao Hong praise rice vinegar: vinegar wine with nothing not join, the longer the more benign, too, said the acyl ....... "

Should not bite off more than rice vinegar is good health should be in moderation
The vinegar is produced after fermentation a sour flavoring agents, main ingredients except acetic acid (acetic acid), and also contains lactic acid, gluconic acid, succinic acid, amino acids, glycerol, aldehyde compounds, proteins, vitamins and minerals and other ingredients.
Under normal circumstances, the human blood, weakly alkaline pH of body fluids. A lot of vinegar and acidic foods, the vinegar base balance of the body will be affected to some extent, even severe acidosis occurs. The right amount of vinegar can increase the concentration of the acid, Sheng Jin appetizer, increase appetite, on the contrary, will change the pH of gastric juice acidic stomach environment to strengthen, damage to the gastric mucosa. Gastropathy symptoms will aggravate health can cause stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and even lead to acute gastritis, the original superficial gastritis, ulcer disease may induce ulcers attack.
From a nutritional perspective, do not emphasize a particular food or a certain kind of nutrients is particularly helpful to the human body, but rather to focus on the overall balance of the human body.
Guaren tangled results:
Everything that you have degrees, learned of Guaren is: as a condiment, just whichever flavor you can; directly to pay attention to drinking, vinegar should not drink on an empty stomach, against the honey water ratio of 1 to 4. If the stomach is not good blind date, should pay attention to reduce the amount of rice vinegar, and rely on a rice vinegar to lose weight the folks listen to Guaren, rice vinegar help lose weight yes, but a really healthy way to lose weight only movement, effective and well-run campaign, not only You can lose weight, but also longevity.
Finally, the the market rice vinegar drinks endless drink rice vinegar drinks care will have to pay attention to the body daily rice vinegar intake capacity of 15 ml is appropriate, choose the time to pay attention to the concentration of rice vinegar drinks should be different for different intake, such as the concentration of 1%, then let their produce health role, you should drink 1,500 ml of beverage. In addition, many health care products exaggerate their role will be varying degrees of publicity when the time of purchase to pay attention to identify oh!

Winter quilt cover what is appropriate?

First, covered with a thick quilt to sleep, people will have the feeling of constriction, can not relax the body, and thus unable to sleep soundly; Secondly, the winter window and indoor oxygen content is relatively small thick quilts pressure in the chest, will cause a slight lack ofoxygen; thick blanket of dust inhaled respiratory mucosa of the respiratory tract will cause some damage, especially lung disease who are more prone to disease recurrence; thick quilts poor permeability, although warm at night, but also make the poresopen the next day to get up more easily by the cold.
The best winter cap wool quilt or duvet. The wool is moisture permeability, high insulation resistance and good elasticity, and is not easy to produce static electricity, very suitable for fear cold, frail, sweating winter cover. Duvet light, soft, soft, good moisture absorption, perspire, there will not be oppressive, suitable for all types of people, especially in patients with hypertensive heart disease, poor circulation, and the elderly, children, pregnant women. The goose was the best choice for more than 50% of the cashmere rate, if the single cover and a goose down is warm enough, in the above plus a thin blanket.
In addition, the winter air circulation is poor, so at night to sleep do not quilt cover your nose and mouth to avoid shortness of breath; body around to tuck in, in order to avoid air leakage; shoulders and limbs not exposed, to avoid cold. Winter does not recommend sleeping in the nude, but the pajamas are also not too thick, otherwise it will affect the comfort. Recommended to choose baggy pajamas, help the muscles relax and blood circulation. Fabrics mainly natural fabrics, such as breathable moisture absorption, good cotton, knitted fabrics.

24 solar term health talk about the winter solstice health

Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the exact time of the winter solstice of the year 19: Beijing at 19:12 on December 21, which means that a year the cold ShuJiu cold day "official arrival is also the best time of the health tonic.
The Gregorian calendar every year around December 22 for the Winter Solstice, the sun reaches 270 degrees, almost directly in the Tropic of Capricorn. This day, the Northern Hemisphere daylight shortest and the longest night, so they call it "short day to.
21 on the day of "the sky will be extremely dark" argument against rumors on the web. Zhang Yang explained, science director of the Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the 21st is the longest night in the year, however, compared to a day or two before, and the night may long for a few minutes only. Zhang Yang said, "The winter solstice is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere throughout day Take Nanjing for the 21st this day, sunrise time of 6:55, sunset 5:10.
Meteorological data show that every year around the winter solstice, it is the strong cold air southward, often resulting in the sudden drop in temperature, accompanied by strong winds, rain, snow, ice and other inclement weather. Central Meteorological Observatory issued the next three days, the national weather forecast shows that the strong cold air will affect most parts of China, the northern region have a wide range of snowy weather process. The public to pay attention to warm cold, proper exercise, minimize unnecessary outdoor activities; avoid tired, adjust the rhythm of life; promote light diet.
Dec. health plan:
TCM believes that December has been a great season to a "tonic". Speaking of tonic, a lot of people have understood as to eat a high nutritional value "delicious". Fact, tonic is luxurious, to vary from person to person, because, due to the ground tonic ", so that it really achieve the purpose of health. Specifically, is to raise the spirit, adjusting diet and training body, optimum temperature cold, careful intercourse comprehensive nursed back to health, to achieve physical fitness.
First is raising should be moderate, dynamic and static, that is the health adjustment can not be too much, not less than. Where appropriate, physical exercise, before exercise to prepare activities to prevent accidental injuries. Mentally positive, remain optimistic, select Sibu, drugs make seriously study their physical condition. Such as physical weakness, poor digestive function to select the "slow-fill" properly eat Angelica mutton soup, mushrooms stewed dog meat, but also eat more vegetables, avoid "over-fill, anxious to make up. Of physical good tonic to be the "complement", do not over-eat greasy goods to prevent the resulting heat induced disease. Available chicken mushroom stew, ginkgo stew Wuji ". Usual diet but also eat foods high in protein, vitamins, fiber content, eat less fat and sugar content of foods, mental, such as white-collar workers, occupational managers in Sibu while optional drug fill, such as yellow Liuwei pills, kidney and brain anti-fatigue. The role of women irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea available Wujibaifeng Pills have menstruation pain.
Yi Shi: eat mutton, dog meat, beef, celery, turnip, potato, cabbage, spinach, apples, longan and so on. Mental, such as white-collar workers, occupational managers in Sibu selectable drug fill, such as Liu Wei Di Huang Pill, kidney and brain anti-fatigue. The role of women irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea available Wujibaifeng Pills have menstruation pain.
Taboo: The Big Chill of the product of the cold seafood: fish, shrimp, crabs and cold drinks.
Therapeutic Angelica ginger mutton soup:
Ingredients: Angelica 12 grams, ginger 30 grams, 250 grams of meat.
Method: Wash the lamb into cubes, with Angelica, ginger together into the casserole, add water, amount of soup, overripe add spices Decoction and meat, drink 1 - 2 times a week.
Function: Angelica nourishing blood, the ginger warm in the cold, lamb nourishing kidney, or blood and kidney beauty.

TCM teach your fall and winter feet or how health

1 Ginger
Dispelling the cold: ginger in Chinese medicine belongs Xin Wen relieving drugs, role of Quhan solution table and small side effect. Modern medicine ginger can stimulate the capillaries, improve local blood circulation and metabolism. Cold, easy cold hands and feet, people with ginger foot bath.
, Ginger foot bath is not ginger into hot water to soak for a while, but generally take 15-30 grams of ginger, ginger (about a medium-sized halves), flat shot into the pot. adding a small half pot of water, cover the pot with hot boiled for about 10 minutes. After cooking, all the ginger water poured out, adding the appropriate amount of cold water to about 40 ℃ (appropriate) generally do not feel hot. Foot bath water you have not seen the ankle, the best foam edge and rub your feet.
Ginger's medicinal ingredients, many of which are small molecules, cover and cook avoided its volatile. Halves the amount of ginger is used for the average family to their feet on the amount of half basin pots. Heavy foot bath with the water more, or cold symptoms may, at its discretion, increase the amount of ginger. Used the ginger feet of water for some time after the cold symptoms are generally able to get some degree of improvement.
2 cinnamon
Swelling: cinnamon, also known as cinnamon, Guangui Xianggui and pepper are commonly used spice in the family, both temperature and yang role. Use them to their feet for edema due to kidney disease caused by a better response.
Nephrogenic edema edema due to kidney function or disease. Generally occurs first in the organization loose parts, such as the eyelid or facial, foot and ankle, most evident in the morning, the skin edema parts with your fingers pressing dishing. If renal edema, pepper and cinnamon 15 grams each (a handful or a small piece of) boiled foot bath, cooking method to cook the ginger. And continuous this method Paojiao able to play a certain role in the swelling.
If you start sagging parts of the body, such as leg edema symptoms began to appear, gradually developed to the other parts of the body may be cardiogenic edema due to heart function. This edema can choose the previously mentioned ginger boils water to Paojiao, can promote lower limb blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of the auxiliary reducing edema.
3 wormwood
Warm the lung: According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, wormwood is warm, bitter, nontoxic blind drug. It back to Yang, the rationale for blood by the wet cold, hemostasis tocolysis effect is also commonly used in acupuncture, it is also known as the "Medical grass. Feet with wormwood can also improve lung function is very good for people suffering from chronic bronchitis and easily cough white phlegm.
Similar to the wormwood their feet and ginger foot bath, generally take 30-50 grams (a small handful) dry wormwood boils water foot bath, cooking method mentioned earlier.
Patients with heavy body cold dampness week wormwood bubble a foot. You can also wormwood water foot bath, drink ginger and red dates (plus two 10 dried red dates ginger, plus ten bowls of boiled two hours) as auxiliary.
It should be noted that during the wormwood foot bath, drink plenty of warm water, eat cold food, pay attention to rest. Hot real fire caused the head and face, throat discomfort, chronic bronchitis can be a certain degree of ease.
Fever and suffering from low blood pressure, and diabetes foot bath with wormwood under the guidance of a doctor. And wormwood foot bath 2-3 times a week, should not be too frequent. Wormwood foot bath can pyrophoric downlink, sometimes causing head and facial blood shortage, likely to cause dizziness, headache, and can also cause emotional changes.
4 safflower
: Safflower is a gynecological drugs commonly used in anti-frostbite, it is capable of promoting blood circulation, remove silt pain relief. Winter prone to frostbite and skin chap who safflower bubble feet should be early in the fall, you can play a very good preventive effect.
Take safflower 10-15 grams (about a handful) according to the previously mentioned method boils water foot bath to prevent and improve frostbite. Every winter, some people's hands and feet often happens chap and nonintact, but once that happens, it takes a long time to restore. Safflower to their feet can prevent this from happening to some extent.

How to choose washing powder is more healthy

Washing powder similar results
Ad before a shot, children clothes soiled; after a shot, the clothes in the washing powder water soak, toss incredibly clean. Can really achieve this effect? Staff bought nine yuan per kilogram, 11.2 yuan, 16.09 yuan, washing powder, 1 tablespoon of each poured in the three basins, then three ink drop on white towels, towel foam detergent water each twist 15 under. The result: three-priced detergent washing effect is really about the same, so it's really not a washing powder like ads as bubble Wow out incredibly clean.
The worse the more expensive washing powder detergency it?
Called surfactants, the main raw material in the detergent from detersive role key substance. In theory, the more expensive detergent surfactant content is higher, but in fact, not entirely the case. The three-priced detergent to get Beijing washing products quality monitoring stations to detect by weighing, filtration, water bath and evaporated to dryness, and baked at high temperature (105 ° C), ambient temperature cooling, the final by toning titration, the test results: The surfactant content 20.5,11.2 $ 9 yuan detergent washing powder surfactant content is the surfactant content of 14.3 17.1,16.09 yuan detergent. The test results but the more expensive detergent surfactant content is lower, and this is how it happened?
The experts say: your washing powder may be taken mixed method, contains a variety of surfactants, but can only detect an expensive detergent not only contain surfactants, there are a lot of chemicals and additives, washing powder ingredients, prices are naturally more expensive. "but can not understand your detergent washing effect on the poor.
Washing powder at reasonable prices in one kilograms of 10 yuan
Experts, national standards for detergent formulations, we are the light of this standard to do, so the price will not be a big change. Washing powder of the same weight, the price plus or minus 20% of the normal, almost all the washing effect. Now more reasonable price of one kg of washing powder should be around $ 10. So, 12 yuan per kg, 8 washing powder line.
Cheap washing powder hurt hand?
Three-priced detergent to get laboratory testing pH value, pH value is to look at the content of alkaline substances in the washing powder hand injury does not hurt to look at the laundry detergent alkaline. The pH value of 9 yuan detergent 10.6,11.2 $ is 10.7,16.09 of $ 10.8. So it is not that cheap detergent injured hand. It can be said that the personal differences of laundry detergent allergy problems with washing powder itself is irrelevant. Washing powder alkali, washing clothes and hands dry astringent, it should be said is a normal phenomenon. Recommended to wear rubber gloves when washing clothes.
Multivesicular low foam detergent washing effect
The experts also pointed out, the detergent scent no effect on the human body. The discomfort caused by washing powder scent is a personal physical differences, and washing powder itself. In addition, the small little red and green in the laundry detergent, just an additive, there is no substantive role. Multivesicular, low foaming detergent, washing effect is the same.

Winter Hugan simple eight action easily regimen

Grip solid: the thumb buckle in the palm of the hand, fingertips roots located in the ring finger (the fourth finger), then buckling the remaining four fingers, a little harder, the thumb grip, such as to save the baby holding general. Can grip solid stick to the Manner in the body, usually walking, car, chatting, watching TV, you can hold solid.
The toes Britain Foot: Heel Toe grip, legs together, levator ani abdomen, shoulder to the sinking, the project erector spinae, one hundred conference collar; Britain foot down and relax the body and gently bite the first slow slow whereabouts of the half, and then light earthquake ground. Toes can stretch the lower back leg bladder by the kidneys by light earthquake ground can also massage the internal organs.
Go with the heel and health: take significant steps, heel first, and do not bend the knee. Legs step forward, toes straight like football; landing forefoot, rear foot toes Hing Wah Street West. Heel first, the kidney by actually stimulate acupuncture points. Often used in this way walking can effectively prevent and treat osteoporosis.
Mount kidney acupoints: and legs sitting on the edge of the bed, two hands to rub the palm fever, respectively, according to the waist in the back, up and down massage the lower back kidney acupoints to hot flu. Each morning and evening again, each time about 200 times, can kidney qi.
Ternary-Zhan Zhuang: feet separated shoulder width, hands by your sides forward encircle the front of the abdomen, high position and umbilical same arms hold round; bend knees at the same time, the center of gravity of the sinking, knees joint slightly open to both sides. Back slightly arched chest containing, back to pull, lower back slightly backward arch Mingmen open. That's front and rear, left and right, up and down all round, whole very Yuanrong. This is the basic Zhan Zhuang method of replenishing vital. Often do make the nephron plenty, Jin strong bones and muscles.
Hot foot bath: foot bath is the most appropriate time is 7-9 per night, this is the most enduring an hour of the kidney by blood, the foot bath, massage can improve blood circulation, nourish the kidney and liver purpose. Foot bath container tubs as well. Foot bath water, not too hot; around 40 ℃ is appropriate. The foot bath time not too long, for 15 to 30 minutes is appropriate.
Take a deep breath: take a deep breath fresh air environment, try to inhale nose. Breathing to maintain soft, slow, even, deep. For a group of six deep breaths. Then subsided to adjust, you can do it again.
Hit back: "Yellow Emperor" records, sick men kidney yin shi-oriented South body relax, lean back, hit the wall with the entire back, moderate force, by the impact of the reaction force your body upright, so repeated 30 under each impact, and can do 2 to 3 times a day. This strong lumbar kidney, and clear the meridians, circulates blood, flat tone of yin and yang.

The beginning of winter solar terms regimen should first kidney

Lidong three candidates: pheasant into flood designate the water before the ice; two waiting to start freezing; three waiting pheasant into a flood as a mirage. "This solar term water has the ice crystals; land also began freezing; designate" Pheasant refers to a class of pheasant Big Bird mirage "mirage as giant clams, the beginning of winter, large birds of a class of pheasant rare, and the beach but you can see the giant clams.
The health of the living of the beginning of winter solar terms
Beginning of winter and beginning of spring, beginning of summer and beginning of autumn collectively referred to four established in ancient society is an important holiday, the day the emperor will be led by civil and military officials to the capital's northern suburb of the altar set worship. The beginning of winter season labor a year for people to take advantage of this day of rest, and the way to reward a man hard work over the past year. There is a proverb Lidong complement the winter to make up mouth empty "is the best metaphor. TCM: bed early evening to sunrise, to ensure adequate sleep is conducive yang hidden sex fluid accumulation. While clothing too little too thin, the room temperature is too low to extremely cold-consuming and yang; Conversely, the dress too much is too thick, the room temperature is too high, yang shall not be hidden, easy-invasive pathogenic cold, the body will lose vitality of metabolism. So, nursed back to health the Lidong after living remember to keep possession.
Beginning of winter when Yang Shen
Chinese medicine, kidney containing yin true and true yang, the five internal organs of female non-AIDS kidney yin can not, can not keep the five organs of male non-yang. The basic material for the growth and development of kidney yin and yang is the basic power of the activities; kidney yin is the material basis of the kidney yang, kidney yin and kidney yang is the functional performance. Life between heaven and earth, intrinsic yin and yang qi, yin and yang, changes in the body with the close nature of yin and yang change go hand in hand. Winter should kidney in the five internal organs, the root of the body's yin and yang in the kidney, winter regimen of focus photo transfer kidney yin and yang. "Kidney main stung, sealing possession of this", and thus the winter Yang Shen must beware of intercourse to protect the blood of live sperm. As said in the "Yellow Emperor": "Winter is not Tripitaka, the spring must be sick blast."
"Kidney" most can not afford to hurt
Winter, cold weather, cold kidney corresponding to the most vulnerable to harm the kidney yang. Body causing two injuries, one is the prone lassitude Lengtong, susceptible to cold, nocturia more diseases such as impotence and nocturnal emission;, yang qi deficiency and injuries to the kidney yin and kidney yin deficiency, throat mouth dry, dizziness, tinnitus disease followed. So winter maintenance of the kidney is very important.
Raising the "water" is Yang Shen
Kidney belong to the element "water", pointed out: "In the cold winter air of Yang Shen Ming Dynasty physicians Jingyue. That winter weather turn cold by the cold, so the human body to make kidney becomes strong to adapt to this change, both metabolic rate decreased apathetic because of the consumption of kidney and renal water partial virtual, so winter on The renal conservation must focus on one word "water" to nourish the kidney water as a health principles.
And kidney performance
The kidney yin a Yinye fundamental, Yin Ye nourish the human body from the moisten. The kidney will water loss, the body not Yinye moisture, will exhibit symptoms similar to the lit, such as dry mouth, five heart (two palms, two soles of the feet, a chest) Fanre two zygomatic red, red red lips, night sweats (mostly occurs in the afternoon and evening), dry stool, scanty dark urine. Due to renal main bone marrow through the brain, kidney yin deficiency, bone marrow will not Ruyang appear insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness, tinnitus problems.
How to raise kidney?
Rubbing the ear increased kidney-yang
The long-term diagnostic observation point auricle reaction when the body is sick. Because ear acupuncture point clouds, and through the limbs, ear acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine is the to needling or rationale needle in certain parts of the pinna, especially the reaction zone, in order to achieve the purpose of treating disease. For example, in the outer ear helix on a triangle between the foot and the offal pit, commonly known as "triangular fossa, this region corresponds to the human reproductive function, use acupuncture to stimulate the the triangular fossa helix medial edge midpoint, can be treated female menstrual tone, as well as male nocturnal emission, impotence, etc.. Similarly, acupuncture Auricular corresponding parts of the "kidney", also can play the role of Qiangshen fitness. Depending on the patient's physical and disease, in addition to acupuncture, moxibustion, buried beans, bloodletting, massage and other forms of stimulation therapy, especially for insomnia caused by insufficient kidney, headache, dizziness, memory loss, rub massage pinna effect is quite good.
Moxibustion help winter
The birth of the kidney, spleen and stomach is the day after tomorrow. The splenorenal an imaginary, the imaginary righteousness, evil Sheng. Therefore, the dependents righteousness in your spleen and kidney warming. Chinese medicine believes, Warming, than moxibustion, moxibustion, is Ai Huogong Zhuang people yang beneficiaries really overcast. Here, "moxibustion" We usually say moxibustion. 6 effect of moxibustion: through the meridians, qi and blood, dampness by cold, reducing swelling and Yang deficiency, disease prevention and health care. An old saying: "needles are not advised to moxibustion. Moxibustion Deficiency can complement, stagnation energy spread, the sick can cure disease moxibustion Fitness sickness, indicating that moxibustion in a some respects superior to stitch.
Paojiao active
From the Chinese point of view, the function of internal organs in the human feet have corresponding points. Feet is not only the starting point of the foot three yin meridians, or foot Sanyang by termination at the root of the meridians feet six points, respectively, only have 33 points below in the ankle, feet acupuncture points up to 66 , which correspond to the internal organs of the human body, accounting for 10% of the acupuncture points of the body. Often foot bath can stimulate the foot Taichong, hidden white, too River, springs, and ankle following acupuncture points, which play a nourishing vitality, strong lumbar gluten, conditioning organs, and clear the meridians, promote metabolism, as well as anti-aging efficacy of prevention and treatment of various organs dysfunction, indigestion, constipation, hair loss, hair loss, tinnitus and deafness, dizziness, loose teeth, insomnia, joints numbness embolism. Therefore, the public has the the "bedtime pot of soup, surpass Renshen" argument.

The cool weather how cold the health

Cold air coming of required cold
Cold 3 Myths
"Cold", how to dress naturally become a hot topic. In the winter, we have some cold experience, but sometimes into errors.
Myth # 1: dress more and more warm. When the air layer thickness over 15 mm, clothes air convection significantly increased, warm the worse. In addition, the skin vasodilation, increase the heat, but reduces the body's ability to adapt to changes in the outside temperature.
Myth 2: cold the first warm hands and feet. To do so easily frostbitten. The correct way is, in a place far away from the heater bare hands and feet to rub, the temperature of the hands and feet of natural rebound, to be the surface of the skin is red, then move to the next to the heater, or placed in warm water heating. Usually if we do wash your hands with cold water, wash your face or feet, can enhance the body's resistance to cold, frostbite is not easy.
Myth # 3: wear a mask to prevent colds. Nose inhaling cold air, after the crooked pipe into the lungs, has been close to body temperature. This physiological functions of the human body, through the exercise has been enhanced to improve the ability to cold.

The annoying Qiuzao how easily alleviate

Acne will occur only wear masks.
Miss Jiang to go out dressed but wore a mask, the face of the big stars of acne, red and swollen the palm face almost spared. Miss Jiang told the doctor, she seems to have obsessive-compulsive disorder, because of the fear of clogged pores, a daily time necessary to wash, I did not realize more and more serious.
Dan Zhuren introduced, acne is the most common skin disease of acne is often said that in fact the strong oil secretion and adolescence, adult acne mostly related to endocrine, staying up late, nervousness, irregular life will induce and aggravate acne . TCM according to different incentives and individual physique syndrome differentiation, and acne because Hyperactivity sky. Lung skin and hair, the first performance of the change on the skin, treatment while Qingrejiedu main Liangxue Qufeng, Chinese Herbs plus topical treatment of acne.
Body dry and itchy off white crumbs
The autumn just starting, many people have found the body, especially the limbs, especially dry skin, itching, a grasping white dust flakes, the very fact that the annual fall and winter will be dry skin itching. This year in order to prevent this phenomenon, the very fact that specially from the Internet to buy a bath of essential oils at home, to the skin, "water," was very comfortable, but the past two days seems more dry skin feeling.
"Explains Dan Zhuren, itchy skin and Qiuzao, we all know Qiuzao lung injury, in fact reduce the humidity in the air, reducing the amount of skin sebum secretion, many young people feel dry skin, choosing bath that skin bath In a large number of "water," particularly comfortable. But actually make it more and more dry, itching skin.
The hair began orgy out
One to fall, a lot of men began anxiously, hair and started out a lot a lot, no matter how you get, or can not stop the growing light forehead. Dan Zhuren introduced many reasons of hair loss, the motherland of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main cause of hair loss in kidney, if the liver and kidney deficiency is the lack of blood, the body's blood circulation on the "weak", the inability to deliver nutrients to the highest point of the body upright The "head", the head of the hair follicles are not nourish gradually atrophy, can cause hair loss.
In addition, the lack of innate endowment, familial, excessive pressure, stay up late, improper diet will cause men's hair loss. Shi Hong Qiao Zhuren the treatment in addition to Chinese Herbs conditioning can choose Chinese medicine outside the wash, such as ginseng liquid raw Oriental Arborvitae, the Salvia, Cork and other traditional Chinese medicine, can get a good hair growth results.

Do not choose the wrong bath time or hurt health

Sentence the Minyan say "After dinner does not bathe, do not drink and brainwashing." To say that after a meal, drink do not immediately take a bath, wash your hair, against irritation caused illness or dangerous.
On one hand, many accidents in the elderly is in the bath, the experts said, the elderly after a meal do not immediately take a bath, when hungry and do not take a bath, to avoid accidents. On the other hand, the young man is best to get rid of after dinner bathing habits.
The experts explain, just after a meal, the human digestive system starts to work, gathering large amounts of blood in the stomach, and other organs is relatively ischemic state. This time bathing, systemic vasodilation, skin and muscle blood flow is increased, the stomach is not full of blood, will affect digestion. Many elderly cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have a long stay in a confined hypoxia environment, it is likely to cause brain and heart ischemia, and even sudden death. Hungry when bathing even dangerous, lower blood sugar, easily syncope.
Bath best arrangement, each lasting for no more than half an hour after a meal 1-2 hours after. In addition, the elderly and poor physical winter bath best selection at noon the closest the bath Indoor and outdoor temperature day, this is not easy to catch a cold.
In cold weather, many people like to drink the warm-up. The rapid expansion of drinking during the first facial blood vessels, The water washout in the head, the blood vessels will shrink, easy to dizziness, eye black, or vomiting. The Liu Huiwu reminder, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is the high incidence period, pay special attention to the head warm, drinking alcohol, not to outside blowing cold air, do not immediately take a bath to wash your hair, finished first with a hair dryer to dry.

The German study found moderate to vent their anger Zengshou two years

In the new study, the researchers of the University of Jena in Germany of more than 6,000 patients. Results found good to vent anger angry Italians and Spaniards life than "keep" the British long past two years. The scientists said that air their anger and other negative emotions to play a key role in maintaining health and prolonging life. In contrast, the British self-restraint and self-repression characteristics serious negative impact on the physical and mental health will be.
The person in charge of the new study, Dr. Marcus Mans Debo Shi and Kristen Mitt analysis pointed out that the love anxiety and anger "" "repressed populations" (repressors) make it easier for blood pressure, can cause long-term past hypertension, leading to an increased incidence of coronary heart disease, cancer and renal failure and other diseases, the greatly reduced longevity chance. "Repressed crowd" will hide the outward manifestation of fear, anger and other negative emotions, while taking defensive behavior, avoid danger, always seeking self-restraint, self-behavior and the environment around trying to completely control. For example, compared with non-depressed people, repressed population pressure on the larger task, heart rate and pulse will be faster, and the emergence of other symptoms of stress and anxiety.
The scientists said the new study is further evidence of emotions more easily excited Mediterranean Europeans live longer than the Nordic. Although depressed populations will be more susceptible to disease than other populations, but they are good at self-discipline, more likely to stick to their way of life.